Jodie is smiling at the camera. Brown curly hair with blonde tips spills about her face and she is wearing sparkly gold eyeshadow. She wears a purple Essential hoodie with the hood up.

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Learn about March’s winner Jodie Taylor (aka @boomboommajesty) and the questions she had for Sarah:

Hey Jodie – Congrats on winning our monthly giveaway!

Where are you from? I live in Wiltshire, UK

How long have you been poling? I have been poling for about 3/4 years

What’s your favourite aspect of pole dancing? My favourite aspect of pole has to be pole spins there's just something about spinning on a pole that makes me feel free and happy!! Just in that moment floating without a care in the world

Care to share a favourite photo with us? 

It has to be this photo, it's a genuine representation of how I feel wearing Off The Pole

See above - we love this photo!

Jodie is wearing our Essential Hoodie in Purple – you can check them out here.

What 3 Questions do you have for Sarah?


  1. If your present self could go back what piece of advice would you give yourself when first starting your journey? 

I feel like I’m starting my journey again after baby! Would give myself the same advice that I’m trying to keep in mind now - get the foundations strong, don’t compare your journey to anyone else, and include time to freestyle!


  1. Throughout your journey have you ever have moments of doubting your ability, why you were doing it etc? If so what motivated you to keep going?  

100%! I used to get very nervous when competing - and still get anxious about performing but not as bad which is why I did more performing than competing! I think it’s natural to go through phases and suffer with imposter syndrome. It’s like your minds way of testing you, you can choose to give in to the feelings and not try or not put yourself out there, or you can focus on what you can do and remember how far you’ve come. Motivation comes with loving what I do and wanting to challenge myself to get better, so that’s what I try to focus on.

  1. How are you finding the overwhelming emotions after having Raya?

P.s. Raya is so adorable!!! And you are such an inspiration!! And I absolutely love Off The Pole clothing so thank you. 

It can be a rollercoaster for sure! She’s changed my world and it’s been an adjustment, but loving the process even when it can get tough. She’s a proper little personality who’ll even give a cheeky grin mid-cry if you show her a mirror or sing her name!

Motherhood is everything and nothing like I expected. Which makes no sense but summarises things perfectly!


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