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  • Leggings that don't "expose" you every time you squat or do the downward dog?
  • Surely you'll find something in our store that you'd love.

OTP Community

Here's some of what the OTP community has to say about our products!

Most comfortable leggings I have ever worn, they do not slip down when running even with my phone in the pocket. They make your legs look awesome and the pocket is the icing on the cake
I’ve struggled all my life to find a nice comfy sports bra that fits me. Safe to say I will never look anywhere else for them. It fits me perfect and gives me so much confidence!
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of all the products you offer, your customer service is incredible, and I can't believe how quick your delivery is! I adore all the products and just wish I could buy more!!
You do such an incredible job with being inclusive to all sizes and shapes which I love! You also have such a wide range of colours and gorgeous patterns, and everything is very true to size
I’ve been doing pole for 2 years and never felt confident to wear pole clothes until I got given some shorts as a gift. I have now bought so many Off The Pole items in different colours and love them all! I have never felt so comfortable and looked so good at the same time!
Fantastic sports bra, beautiful colour and amazing service! What more could you ask?


Speaking of community, you'll also be joining a badass group of people from all different walks of life, and especially not the typical ones. As different as we are, we have plenty of values in common.


Self-empowerment and self-expression.

Taking your own place in the world, even if you don't feel like fitting into the mould. After all, why fit the mould when you can break it and create a new one?

Inclusivity and body positivity.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin no matter who you are, where you're from, or how you look. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so let's embrace that.

And together, we'll show the world something brand-new, beautiful, and badass. Care to take part? We'd love to have you!

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