Welcome to OTP Studio Phuket!

Located in the beautiful Surin area of Phuket Thailand, our studio is waiting for you to learn to dance and fly.

Pole Dance and Flexibility Classes in Phuket

With 7 x 3.5m tall professional x-poles, flexibility equipment and even a pool outside! 

Only a 5 min walk to the beach, where you can enjoy a coconut after class...

Whether you're a complete beginner or a weathered pro - you'll find classes tailored to your level. No experience is necessary, but challenge yourself to try something new! 

Pole Dancing is an amazing combination of movement, strength and grace - you'll learn how to lift, spin and dance around and up the pole with techniques that are safe and effective. 


Class Descriptions

Pole Tricks & Flow: Tips and techniques to master all elements of pole dance including: Spins, shapes, floor-work, transitions and inverts. Suitable for all levels.

Pole Intro/Foundations: Perfect for 1st timers and beginners - this class is tailored to help give you the building blocks you need to start pole dancing with confidence. No previous experience or strength required.

Intermediate: For pole dancers who want to level up their tricks - this class is for those who are comfortable with their climbs, inverts and spins.

Pole Dance: This class will teach you some easy tricks and body movement to create different style choreographies on / around the pole. No dance experience needed.

Goddess Hour: Feel the feminine energy of this class. We will focus on moving our body with confidence, grace and sensuality around the pole and on the floor. For all women to reconnect with their body.

Flexibiity: Full body mobility and stretching to improve your flexibility, helping you to become more in tune with your body, feel revitalised and renewed.


Meet your instructor

Sarah has been pole dancing since 2008, she ran her first studio back in 2010 and has been touring teaching workshops all over the world since 2012.

She has judged and guest performed in some of the biggest competitions in the pole industry including Pole Theatre, Pole Art, Exotic Generation and Dance Filthy.

She hold titles including Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 (singles and doubles) and Professional Pole Theatre Drama 2015.

She is an XPERT Master Trainer and has helped qualify 100's of pole instructors since 2011.

She moved to Thailand in 2019 and had her daughter Raya in 2021. She is excited to open this new training space and help grow the pole dance community here.

Teaching is her passion and helping students to work towards and acheive their goals in a fun and supportive environment.


Flag-ship Store for Off The Pole

Wondering what to wear to class? We've got you covered!

Off The Pole Clothing has been running since 2014 and has grown into one of the most popular brands in the pole wear industry.

We stock shorts, leggings, bodysuits, sports bras, swimwear and lounge wear - from XS - XL and in a range of colours and styles.

We want our clothing to be functional and flattering and have many years of testing behind us!

Please feel free to pop in to browse, try on and then try out the clothing in class for yourself! 



Drop in Class: 500 baht

1 month pass unlimited: 5000 baht

10 x sessions (over 3 months): 4000 baht

7 day pass unlimited: 2500 baht

*All classes 1 hour

*Training sessions coming soon


Private Classes: 

1 hour class: 2500 baht

5 x classes: 12,000 baht

10 x classes: 22,000 baht



My biggest challenge is injuries, preventing me from competing and teaching. So frustrating! I spend more on treatment than on my mortgage. I’ve spent a lot of time researching back strength – I see dangers for students and I wish I had known more. OTP is in all my classes now. I trust Sarah more than doctors! More than any other poler, she looks beyond pole to make it clear not just HOW to do, it but WHY the body behaves.
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Pole studio owner & Mum of 2, UK

More than any other person in pole, Sarah is very caring about keeping people safe in their bodies. To all the polers I know, Sarah is leading the way, the head of that movement.
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Advanced poler & Mum of 2, UK

My goal is to get stronger to push through to a higher level. Some moves are impossible for me, such as Shoulder Mountain and Iron X. I’m impatient and frustrated I can’t progress that fast, so I push too hard. Keeping injuries at bay is my biggest challenge. I need core & upper body conditioning. Am I strong enough? If you’re asking, you need this program!
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Intermediate poler & Mum of 2, Doenja, Belgium

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