5 Questions with Saskia: Shaking it for Snoop

From teaching and competing, to stripping and performing, there’s nothing the talented Saskia Klunder hasn’t done. We caught up with her this month to ask her a few questions about her pole journey so far.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your pole journey?

Of course! My name is Saskia, I am from Montreal, Canada. I have been pole dancing for 7 years. I started pole as a new form of exercise/hobby but it quickly began consuming my whole life. I’ve been teaching and competing for about 6 years. I decided quite early on to quit my (other) job and focus on pole. I’ve always loved performing and pole was the perfect outlet for my energy. I started stripping while travelling in Australia in 2017 and I continued when I returned to Montreal. Until the pandemic I was working at a club and teaching at a local studio. Currently, I am training and teaching virtually from my home & staying safe!

Do you think attending Theatre School had an impact on your competition journey in pole?

Definitely! I love creating pole routines with themes and costumes and props. In theatre school we’re taught how to tell a story. I’ve taken tons of what I learned in school and translated it over into my pole training and choreography. From little things like breaking a scene down into beats, and stage presence to big things like creating an arc and moving with intention. I’ve always loved the stage but studying theatre taught me how to “own the stage”.

With everything that has been happening in the pole world at the moment – from Instagram terms of service changes, to a recent Netflix documentary (we all know the one) – it seems that pole fitness becoming more mainstream. Because of this, there’s an outcry from the SWers community who are seeing the divide between the ‘acceptance’ of poling for fitness while stripping and sex work is continually stigmatised. As someone that can relate to both ‘sides’ of pole, is there something that you wish more people would understand about stripping and pole?

Yes. This is a very important question. (& one I will try to answer briefly, even though I could talk for days about this) Pole dance comes from strip clubs. Not all pole dancers are strippers, and not all strippers are pole dancers, however, without strippers there could be no pole dancers. It is SO important that anyone choosing to learn how to pole dance understand that that means they must now STAND UP for strippers and sex workers. I’ve had enough of this #notastripper BULLSHIT! If someone doesn’t want to be affiliated to strippers, they shouldn’t be pole dancing! I’ve heard a lot of pole dancers say things like “but it really requires a lot of strength and grace etc etc”. Yes it does. It always has. When strippers do it in the club, they are using their strength and grace. Why aren’t you taking this opportunity to say that? We (pole dancers) need to change the vocabulary. If we are not steering the conversation where it needs to go, who will?

What’s one of your favourite moments from your pole journey so far?

Ooo I would have to say dancing on stage with Snoop Dogg! I was lucky enough to dance on stage with him at 3 of his concerts in Canada in 2019. Although I must say, its funny how people judge you for shaking your ass for money, but if you’re shaking your ass for Snoop Dogg, then everyone and their mom is proud of you…

Saskia performing on stage for Snoop Dogg in 2019

Finally, we always finish on a fun question, what’s your best life hack?

I don’t let myself drink a 2nd cup of coffee until I have finished 1L of water! I always want a 2nd cup so this rule always gets me to drink a bunch of water first thing in the morning.

That was your daily reminder to drink water you beautiful dehydrated creatures. Make sure you follow Saskia on Instagram (you can find her discount code for our store there too). If you’d like to hear more stories you can subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

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