5 Things We Used to Do in the Pole Industry

Larger poles, 2000’s fashion, and pole forums! We asked our Facebook Community how the Pole Industry has changed, and they did not disappoint. Here are some of the things that we used to do that we don’t do any more.

(P.S. Can you believe this is the best photo of Pole Tricks 101 that we could find?)


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  1. 50mm Poles!

Small-handed people rejoice! Who remembers when poles used to be a whopping 50mm diameter?

Whilst some people still prefer to use these larger poles, as tricks started to become more complex and better grip was needed to support the demands of these combos, the industry moved towards 45mm poles.

There are also 40mm poles available now, for those with petite hand size, but these can be uncomfortable for those with larger hands or harder to squeeze in the thighs for a pole sit.

The median of 45mm is regarded as the best of both worlds and is now the standard for competitions. Some studios carry a variety of sizes to suit different preferences.

Via PolePedia Home Poling Handbook https://polepedia.com/home-poling-handbook/

Photo via PolePedia


  1. Pole Forums

Back before there were Facebook Communities, there were pole forums! When you wanted to discuss anything about pole, or meet pole dancers, you’d have to turn to a forum. A quick google will throw you back to these time capsules of the 2000’s, which otherwise sit in a forgotten corner of the internet, along with our MySpace profiles.


  1. DVD’s and Pole Youtubers

Pole Tricks 101 anyone? Forget Zoom classes, Patreon tutorials, and copying combos from Instagram. Pole instructional DVD’s were it! Who remembers learning new tricks in their living room, or rushing home after work to see if your favourite pole Youtuber had posted a new routine?


  1. Cameras & Social Media

This is starting to become a throwback to our more technologically challenging times, but back when there were no cameras in our phones, some people remembered their pole moves by drawing down little stick figures in their notebooks.

Now, we have cameras (the artistically challenged drawers are thankful for that), and social media to share our every pole moment. While social media has helped bring pole to the masses, it’s important to remember that pole dance came from stripping and clubs, and we celebrate that history. We need to stand alongside the Sex Worker community in a time where they are continually being appropriated by celebrities, while being deplatformed themselves. You can check out this blog for more resources on how to offer your support.

  1. The Fashion

We can all be thankful that we left scene hair and non-contoured foundation in the past! Polers were not immune to their own fair share of fashion faux pas – wearing ballet shoes, or those lace-up boxing flats? *cringes*

If you’re interested in wearing ballet shoes, we recommend seeking out an adult ballet class taught by professionals so you can safely learn to go en pointe.

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Whew. That concludes our throwback! Brb, g2g listen 2 sum Avril Lavigne. 

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