Mastering a Pole Trick

This is a blog based on a post I recently did for the Pole Safe Federation. I’ll link all their details below if you’re interested in becoming a member.

We can all feel the pressure push for the latest trick – but mastering a trick can actually start with a few simple areas:

– Entry and Exit: I feel like this is one of the most important parts of mastering a trick! Maintaining control throughout these sections means less chance of injury, a greater chance of trick execution, better aesthetics of the trick and faster gains in strength and flexibility as you are continually working rather than cutting corners. This can be one of the greatest areas overlooked by polers and you’re missing out on some good stuff! Judges and audiences relish this stuff in performances, you’ll feel more in control and see faster progress in almost all areas.

– Breathing:  Seems so simple to say but it’s such an easy thing to forget! Especially when still in the learning phase of a trick. When instructors are breaking things down and chatting away halfway through their inverts and spins – it’s because they’ve mastered the trick to the point where they are comfortable and breathing – even while keeping their core braced. This is essential for when you’re building up endurance in certain positions, putting combos together and routines.

I feel like I’ve mastered a trick when I can perform the trick on cue, I don’t have to think about the steps, my body will know where to go after completing many, many repetitions of the movements. I can combine the trick in a number of ways and can perform the trick on both sides.

Now have I mastered all of the tricks I know on the pole? Not even close – but that’s why I’ll continue to go back to them The satisfaction comes from the challenge, and setting yourself challenges to master tricks will give you amazing results on the pole.

When do you feel like you’ve mastered a trick? Do you have a checklist?

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