Black and White photo of jessica in a handstand against the pole, wearing a black criss cross bra

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Learn about May’s winner Jessica Gibbs and the questions she had for Sarah:


Hey Jessica – Congrats on winning our monthly giveaway!

Where are you from? Originally, West Virginia, USA but currently living in Switzerland

How long have you been poling? 9 years

What’s your favourite aspect of pole dancing? It's so hard to pick just one! The creativity and expression, the friendships, and the physical, emotional, and mental strength you build are my favourite aspects!

What 3 questions would you like to ask Sarah?

  1. What are your favourite exercises to strengthen the lats?

Here is a conditioning circuit that has an option for when you don’t have any equipment:

On the pole I like to practice pencil hold variations.


  1. What is your favourite pole performance? 

Favourite pole performance was probably Dance Filthy 2019 as it was just a fun routine and a great show to be a part of!

Sarah Scott - Dance Filthy UK 2019 Guest Performance from SPJR Consulting on Vimeo.

  1. What advice would you give to new parents as they return to pole? 

Give your body adequate time to recover. Don’t jump back into what you were doing before - build up your foundations again first. Remember it’s not a race! And prepare to be as productive as possible in a short amount of as training sessions get a lot shorter!

Thank you so much again! I just placed my order and cannot wait for more Off the Pole goodies!


Thanks for chatting with us Jessica! Keep your eyes peeled for our June winner announcement coming soon.

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