Nov 2020 Giveaway Winner Profile: Jen Hall

Jen is wearing our Keyhole Bra and High Waisted Shorts in Fire

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Not only does this winner receive a voucher, but we ask them some questions and they get the opportunity to ask Sarah their own questions. November's winner was Jen Hall:

Name: Jennifer Hall

Where are you from? North East of England

How long have you been poling? Around 2-3 years

What’s your favourite aspect of pole dancing? I absolutely love pole and everything about it but one thing I think I love the most is the people I have met, I love how it's such a welcoming community to be part of and I have made some genuine life long friends, all thanks to our mutual love of pole...

What 3 questions would you like to ask Sarah?

1) Do you have any nemesis tricks or moves?

Nemesis tricks - flips! I train by myself mostly so doing any movements that would require a spot usually take me a long time as I have to build up all the elements separately. Plus I’m a chicken 😉

2) What's your biggest motivation/inspiration?

My biggest motivation/inspiration is progress! I love the challenge of first trying something and finding it almost impossible but then knowing over time you will start to find your way through and your body will adapt - I find this fascinating. It is not always smooth sailing, training can be very frustrating and I certainly have times when I feel unmotivated and uninspired! But I think if you can remember that all you have to do is keep showing up - you will improve and that’s a great motivator.

3) And lastly but potentially most importantly why have I not seen Rio sporting any off the pole doggy accessories for when he cameos in your training videos? (he would look awesome in a little signature bandanna) 

This is a fantastic idea 💡 He’s a diva anyway, so should really be earning his keep around Off The Pole HQ by promoting the family business! 2021 could be the year for our first OTP pet range for sure 😉

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