The Ultimate Polewear, Aerialwear and Activewear Gift Guide

So you want to give your
favourite pole-loving-person a special gift this Christmas but you’ve got no
idea where to start? Or maybe, you’re new to the upside-down world of pole and
you’re not sure what to get yourself?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We asked our Facebook Community their best advice to help you navigate the world of pole and aerial-wear. From when we need to have skin out or covered, why crotch coverage matters, and a handy stocking-stuffing guide for when you’re really not sure, we’ve got you covered (or uncovered!).

P.S. Shout-out to you for
being such a supportive partner/friend/family member. We love to see it!

Let’s dive in:

Not All Leggings Are Made Equal – For Aerialists

Is your gift recipient an
aerialist? (Think silks, hoops, etc – not pole.) The most important thing to
know about buying leggings for an aerialist is that the leggings CAN’T be

Slippery leggings mean
that they’ll slide down the silks unintentionally, so most normal gym leggings
won’t cut it. Aerial leggings need to be slightly grippy as well. Basically - aerial
leggings can be worn as gym leggings, but gym leggings can’t be worn as aerial

Our recommendation? Our Lifestyle Leggings are made specifically for silks and aerial, and are our most versatile staple and a basic foundation of every wardrobe (you can never have enough).

Our Signature Leggings are the same but feature our pole ambigram for someone that likes to show off their love of the aerial-arts.

If you want something a little bit different you can also check out this Essential Jumpsuit too.

Or you can keep it simple and grab a gift card here.

Jenny wears our Essential Jumpsuit in Royal Blue

Skin Out – For Polers

Pole is different to aerial
in that we actually need our skin to grip the pole, so while leggings are a
great staple for stretching, yoga, floorwork and aerial, they’ll have you
sliding down the pole. If you want your gift to be specifically for pole use, a
bra + shorts combo is the way to go.

This doesn’t mean the more
skin out the better – in fact, this is an individual preference, and the
easiest way to tell (if you’re trying to be sneaky and not ask them directly)
is to look at the coverage of the polewear they already own.

More coverage: Lifestyle and Signature Shorts

Moderate Coverage: High Waisted Shorts (available with/without scrunch)

Less Coverage: Classic and Tanga Shorts

Now – you might look at
some of the shorts and think they’re not too dissimilar to a bikini or
lingerie, but there is one all-important difference: Crotch. Coverage.

Yep, crotch coverage is really important. Unless you want your gift recipient to be ahemflashing… in class, it’s important to invest in a proper Polewear brand, rather than a bikini.

Sports Bras – Aerialists and Polers

Just like the importance of crotch coverage, a good pole bra is designed to be inversion proof (basically, nothing falls out when we go upside-down… also important!) You can check out the entire range here. Not sure how to size correctly? Keep reading for our sizing tips

Masha wears our Keyhole Bra and Drawstring Shorts in Dusty Pink

Squat-Proof Please! – Gym goers

Gymwear is a little easier to navigate. If you’d like to give the gift of squat-proof leggings this Christmas, our Iconic Leggings are bestsellers for a reason. Great for running, gym use, it pairs perfectly with our Iconic Jacket too.

Everyone Loves Loungewear

Pole, aerial, yoga, AHH!
All these words making your head hurt? Not to worry, if you’re simply not sure
of their preferences, you can give the gift of comfiness this Christmas.

Our Cosy Hoodie is our warmest, fluffiest jumper ever! Everyone needs a Cosy Hoodie in their life.

Our Kickback Jumper and Joggers are perfect for keeping that special someone warm on their way to and from class.

Our Lounge Range is great for a stylish human that likes to look good but be comfy at the same.

Yim, Mel and Tarnn wear our Lounge Jumpsuit

How to Size Correctly

Again, this is highly
individual. There are a few things to know when it comes to sizing correctly:

- All pole brands are
different. What they wear in one brand might be a different size in another –
even style-to-style the size might be different.

- Our Size Guides can be
found under the description tab of each item to help you select the best size.
We also have a 14-day exchange policy (this increases during the Christmas
period) for your peace of mind.

- Ask their pole bestie! This was one of the most frequent comments that
we got – if you want to be sneaky and give them a surprise, ask one of their
pole friends about size/preference.

- When selecting colours, know their preferences, but try not to buy them something that they already own plenty of.

If In Doubt, Gift Card It Out!

Still confused? We thought you might say that. As we’ve mentioned, pole/aerial/activewear is often highly individual and correct sizing matters. To give the gift of the most perfect polewear this Christmas, purchase a gift card here. That way, they’ll be guaranteed to get the most perfect fit/colour/style ever!

Final Advice:

In case you were wondering
– NO! We can never have enough! Having great pole/aerial/activewear is what
makes us feel so fierce, and powerful. When you’re giving the gift of
pole/aerial/activewear, you’re also giving the gift of confidence, motivation,
and showing your support – and we think that’s the best gift that you can give!

You can shop our super-festive Christmas range here, or check out our entire store here.

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We hope this helped - Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays – Love Team OTP x