Who is the founder of OTP?

That's meeee!

Hi, I'm Sarah Scott. Welcome to OTP.

So glad that you're here!

I'm a professional pole instructor and have been poling for over 12 years.

I'm also an XPERT Pole Fitness Master Trainer, and teach workshops all over the world.

What are your credentials? Any noteworthy awards?

Here you go!

  • Pole Theatre UK Pro Drama Winner 2015
  • 1st place Miss Pole Dance UK 2012
  • 1st place Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2012
  • 2nd place World Pole Dance Doubles 2012
  • 2nd place World Pole Sports Doubles 2012
  • UKPPC Elite Category Runner Up 2012
  • UKPPC Sponsors Choice Winner 2011
  • Brit Idol Finalist 2012
  • XPERT Pole Fitness Master Trainer
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certified
  • Biomechanics Trainer
  • Movement & Mobility 101 Certified
  • Clinical Nutrition Certification 
  • XPOLE Ambassador

I've also heard that you've had tons of performances and appearances.

You heard right! See how many of these you recognize.

  • International Clothes Show - 2010 / 2011
  • BeFIT - 2012
  • FIBO - 2012 / 2013 /2014/2017
  • Rimini Wellness - 2012
  • Leisure Industry Week - 2013/2014/2015
  • Fitpro Live 2015
  • International Fitness Showcase (IFS 2013-2015)
  • Electronic Daisy Carnival - Las Vegas
  • with Zen Arts - 2012
  • Nuts Magazine
  • SMN Magazine 2015
  • League of their own - Sky 1 - Series 6 
  • Fitness TV - Active Channel 
  • Pole Convention - Los Angeles 2012
  • Pole Show LA - 2013
  • Pole Expo Las Vegas 2014/2015
  • Gravity 1st Fourth Edition in Mexico - 2013
  • The Science of Stupid - National Geographic Channel
  • International Pole Camp 2012
  • Music Video - Stone Me Sober - Marcus Bonfanti
  • Nowness - Film By George Harvey
  • Pole Expo 2015/16/17
  • Lucy Pole Cup 2017
  • Mountain Pole Camp 2017/2018/2019
  • Gravity Arts Switzerland 2017
  • Pole Performance Competition 2018
  • Pole Queen Spain 2018
  • Pole Theatre UK Pro 2017/18/19
  • Pole Theatre World 2018/19
  • Dance Filthy 2016/17/18/19
  • Pole Weekender 2018/19
  • Heir to the Chrome 2016/17/18/19
  • Exotic Generation Asia 2019
  • Asia Pacific Pole Challenge 2019
  • Rise the Night 2020

Impress me with your awesomeness

Only because you asked...

  • For starters, I believe that pole is an incredibly positive and empowering form of fitness, dance, and art to the thousands of people that already do it. 
  • As you probably guessed, I teach workshops for a variety of different skill levels. I love teaching and am very passionate about it. You can definitely learn from my past struggles so that you'll progress much faster.
  • In the world of teaching, you often get teachers who haven't experienced a high level of performance or high performers who don't know how to teach. Over the years, I've been very intentional about knowing how to do both so that you get the best learning experience.
  • Being a practitioner myself, I understand the needs for people who are passionate about pole. This also extends to fitness and dance and the clothing reflects those needs. What better person to design the clothing other than someone who lives and breathes the lifestyle?
  • Ultimately, I believe that the spirit of pole should be enjoyed by everyone!
  • Also, I have a cute dog named Rio.

Can we see Sarah's cute dog?


Is it true that your sports bras keep the girls in place even while upside down?

Yes! Pole, gymnastics, acroyoga, aerial silks... our sports bras are designed to ensure that you look good even while you're inverted.

Do your leggings really have pockets?

They sure do! That, and they're squat proof, downward dog proof, and inversion proof so you can feel confident and classy in them.

Do you have [X clothing] in super shiny vibrant amazing color?

It's possible! We keep a close eye on what the OTP community wants, so make requests for colors that you'd like to see. We'll do our best to make it.

Do you have [X clothing] in this size?

While we can't guarantee that we've got all sizes and colors in stock all the time, we can guarantee that we'll do our best to try! Reach out through any of our social media channels if you have inquiries.

What makes OTP and their community so special? What does it mean to be "strong, stylish, and stunning?"

  • We're a fun, loving, and inclusive group of people drawn together by what we're passionate about! Everyone comes from all different walks of life (especially not the typical ones ), but we share plenty of values in common.
  • Self-empowerment and self-expression. Taking your own place in the world, even if you don't feel like fitting into the mold. After all, why fit the mold when you can break it and create a new one?
  • Inclusivity and body positivity. Feeling comfortable in your own skin no matter who you are, where you're from, or how you look. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so let's embrace that.
  • And together, we'll show the world something brand-new, beautiful, and badass.
  • To us, that's what it means to be strong, stylish, and sexy.

Monthly giveaways? How do they work?

Good question!

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