Choosing the right Sports Bra

Model shown is Mel, an MMA professional who's recently added pole dancing to her training mix! We've added in some of her thoughts on each bra to help you get a perspective on each one and how they fit. Mel says "I am a UK/US 32, AU10 and EU70 DD. I usually wear a dress size of UK/AU 8-10 or US 4-6. In OTP I usually fits a size small (and I always prefer to take the removable cups out)"

Signature Sports Bra: "This felt really complimentary to my body shape and I love how open the back is without compromising on support. I feel like this would fit so many different women without any trouble!"

  • Med/High Impact
  • Pole Ambigram logo on the front
  • Great all-rounder

Signature Sports Bra

Embossed/Lifestyle Sports Bra: "My all-time favourite high-impact bra - I actually wear mine to fitness and HIIT classes and love it SO much. I used to be an underwire-only kind of gal for high-impact sports until I was introduced to this bra. It's also great for added security when inverting so for me it's the perfect sports bra"

  • Med/High Impact
  • Pole Ambigram logo on Embossed, No logo for Lifestyle
  • High neck/good coverage

Lifestyle Sports Bra - Black marble

Classic Sports Bra: "This bra makes my boobs look amazing! I feel super-supported and the back detail is really pretty, I think this would suit so many ladies. I want to say its a great medium level support, all-rounder bra"

  • Medium Impact
  • Mesh Overlay
  • 'Corset' back detail

Mesh Sports Bra: "I feel like a sporty-glam goddess in this. Secure AND sexy, win-win! I'd also say this is a mid-level of support, with added inversion security"

  • Low/Med Impact
  • Flattering mesh detail
  • High neck

Keyhole Sports Bra: "I mean look at it! It's actually really supportive because of the cut, and it feels like nearly every boob-shape would love this bra. I want one in every colour"

  • Med/High Impact
  • Twist front detail
  • Racerback

Jumelle Sports Bra: "I feel like this bra needs more love because it makes my boobs look AH-mazing! Because of the dual-layers, it's like a push-up sports bra. This is the only bra I size up to a medium because it fits smaller, especially in the band, so keep that in mind"

  • Medium Impact
  • Twin layer support system
  • Racerback

V-Neck Sports Bra: "A sports bra you can live in, soooo comfortable. I was worried about falling out of a shape like this but I didn't have any issues and the stretchy fabric made me feel really secure. It's great for low-impact use like pole and yoga"

  • Low Impact
  • Flattering v-cut front
  • Perfect for Yoga and Pole

Criss Cross Sports Bra: "So excited for this to drop! I think this will be perfect for my ladies with bigger busts too, the amount of straps means it's so supportive without squishing anything, so it'd fit a really large range of sizes"

  • Med/high Impact
  • Back detail
  • Great all-rounder

Final Thoughts

"How do I pick just one, I mean come on! For myself, this is how I would pick depending on what I was looking for. Keep in mind, whilst the cuts are the same, the fabric for Marble, Peach and Deep Sea does come up a tiny smidge tighter (it's not very noticeable, but if you're really in-between sizes and concerned I would suggest to size up)"

  • Favourite high Impact: Lifestyle/Embossed
  • Favourite low Impact: V-neck
  • Favourite push-up factor: Jumelle and Keyhole
  • Favourite all-rounders: Classic and Signature
  • Favourite for feeling glam: Meshhhh
  • Favourite for all bust-types: Criss Cross!